Traveling Suitcase Installation Project on Stage at Teatro Marinoni   Woodcut print on Masa paper  Dimensions variable, 2015    
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  The Traveling Suitcase Installation Project is a large-scale print work that folds into a suitcase and reanimates into a sculptural installation. Designed to be mutable, the shape-shifting installation takes on variable configurations, thereby allowing the piece to take a new form each time it is displayed. But the real magic happened as the piece traveled across Europe engaging with new art communities and spaces.
  Traveling Suitcase Installation Project at WerkStadt Berlin   Woodcut print on Masa paper  Dimensions variable, 2015  In this image Frida looks up at the first configuration of the installation at WerkStadt gallery. WerkStadt is an artist collective, union, gallery and meeting space in Neukoln, Berlin.
  Traveling Suitcase Installation Project at Teatro Marinoni, Venice   Woodcut print on Masa paper  Dimensions variable, 2015  Two views of the installation in the former director’s office at Teatro Marinoni Bene Commune, a multi-use cultural space on the island of Lido in Venice.
  Traveling Suitcase Installation Project at GENERATORprojects   Woodcut print on Masa paper  Dimensions variable, 2015  Following the creation of the work at Dundee Contemporary Art Print Studio, the Traveling Suitcase Installation Project was exhibited at GENERATORprojects, an artist-run collaborative gallery in Dundee Scotland.
  Palast (after Tacita Dean, for Lorraine)   Woodcut Print on Masa paper  Four pieces 20’8” x 43” each, 2013  Installation views of Atrium Gallery at Tyler School of Art. This piece is a visual translation of an essay written by my sister Lorraine Affourtit while in pursuit of her doctorate of at UC Santa Cruz. Lorraine's reading of Deleuze through Tacita Dean's  Berlin Works  in order to elucidate expanded concepts of temporality and the Crystal Image, formed the textual scaffolding for the work.
  Palast (after Tacita Dean, for Lorraine) - detail   Woodcut Print on Masa paper  Four pieces 20’8” x 43” each, 2013
  Totem   100 Woodcut prints mounted on canvas  Installation dimensions variable, 2013  Installation View: Kent State Galleries.   The shapes and hieroglyphs reappear like an echo, creating a cadence like pattern that resembles the arrangement of pictographic texts. Rendering the images in woodblocks allowed me to repeat forms while shifting details, mimicking the call and response of a poetic refrain.  
  Totem #13   Woodcut print on Masa mounted on canvas  16 x 16 x 1.5 inches, 2013  One piece from a set of 100 that make the installation  Totem . Drawing inspiration from Ojibway scholar, Basil H. Johnson’s, translation of the concept of Totem; “that form from which I draw my meaning, purpose and being,” I created a series of hieroglyphs that represent the fragments of the psyche. 
  Truthiness #1   Woodcut print on Kozo 8 paper  18 x 13 inches, 2017  One piece from a portfolio of prints produced by Jeff White of Totemic17 in collaboration with Barbara Bell.
  Float Weave   Woodcut print on Masa paper  8 x 15 feet, 2014  Installation view at Temple Contemporary. Exploring strategies for making sculptural works with paper,  Float Weave  began as a series of chance operations. Each of the 4 sides of the 6 blocks used to create the work were shifted randomly in the printing process ,  allowing the collaborative potential of the medium to interact with the process of its making. 
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