Current and Upcoming Projects


Eye of the Beholder

In collaboration with Biennale Urbana in Venice, Italy

The Eye of the Beholder project is an action, an archive, an exhibition, and lab being created in collaboration with Biennale Urbana (BURB.) In response to the mission of BURB, an organization aiming to develop ideas, practices, strategies, and tools to rethink the relationship between the Biennial system and the Venetian metropolis, the Eye of the Beholder will offer a platform for aesthetic engagement that draws inspiration from everyday inhabitants of the Lagoon. 

Traveling Suitcase Berlin.jpg

Traveling Suitcase Installation Project

The project began with a residency at Dundee Contemporary Art in Scotland to produce a series of woodcuts prints that compress into a suitcase and reanimate into a sculptural installation. Following the creation of the work in Dundee, the Traveling Suitcase Installation Project embarked on an expedition of pop-up exhibitions in Scotland, Germany, Italy and the US.

Designed to be mutable, the shape-shifting installation takes on variable configurations, thereby allowing the piece to take a new form each time it is displayed. But the real magic happened as the piece traveled from city to city engaging with new art communities and spaces.


Cliff Dwelling : North Coast of Scotland

Inspired by the history of brick production in Scotland, and the weathered and worn brick artifacts found washed upon the shore, the cliff dwelling project started to form during the November 2016 Hospitalfield Interdisciplinary Residency, in Arbroath Scotland. While in residence at Hospitalfield, I began researching sites and developing print-sketches for a potential site-specific sculpture: a brick hewn architecturally sized object that would be affixed to the sandstone cliff wall along the North Sea coast. The brick sculpture is to be beaten and rinsed with sea and sand, weathering and changing the carved brick surface over time. By this process the work would never be finished but always becoming, a collaboration with the sea.