Traveling Suitcase Installation Project: Venues

Since the exhibition tour began, the project has been presented at GENERATORprojects, an artist-run collaborative gallery in Dundee; at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar inside of an inflatable domed pavilion created by Collective Magpie titled Nomadic Atelier; at WerkStadt, a cooperative non-profit space and arts union in Berlin Germany; and at Hugo Pratt Biblioteca in collaboration with Teatro Marinoni Bene Commune, an emerging cultural space on the island of Lido in Venice. The finale exhibition is presented at C.R. Ettinger Studio in Philadelphia. Each time the piece is displayed, it takes a new form, sculpting to the specificity of the space it inhabits. The real magic is bound up in the possibilities each new pop-up exhibition affords: an opportunity to work with and connect with new artistic communities and to share an awareness of new spaces and practices.